Private guided tours Louvre museum Paris

louvre-grande-galerie-parisFrom the fortress of Philippe Auguste in 1190 to the Pyramid of Ieoh Ming Pei in 1989, the Louvre represents eight centuries of history and architecture which do not stop to impress us. The Louvre is one of the biggest museums of the world and the most visited; it is a must to do during your stay in Paris.

Find your way in this labyrinth, with over 600 000 square feet of exhibition space, and of its 35 000 exhibits exposed, on the 460 000 that it holds all in all, its quite difficult.

Claudia’s Secret Paris proposes different thematic visits, thus avoiding being overwhelmed by not knowing “what” and “where” exhibits can be found.


Visit 1: The Masterpieces



The program of this private guided tour is to discover the masterpieces of the Louvre Museum and those, who have influenced art history. You will discover the immense artistic diversity during the passage of epochs: the remarkable sculptures of Ancient Egypt such as the great Sphinx of Tanis, from Greece with among others the Winged Victory, but also representative and emblematic paintings of notable artistic periods, passing from the Italian Renaissance and the Neoclassicism to the French Romanticism.




Visit 2: The Louvre of Kings and the Napoleon’s Apartments

appart Napoleon-Louvre-Paris

This private guided tour will open the doors to iconic rooms where the French Kings lived.

The last emperor who lived in the Louvre was Napoleon Bonaparte. In these apartments, you will plunge into the magnificence, pomp and splendour of the Belle Époque. 

A visit which leaves you dreaming about palace life.



Visit 3: Travel through the Egyptian cultures

 Louvre Führung Kinder, Louvre with children private tour

A fascinating and very lively visit at the heart of the Ancient Egypt. You will discover the Pharaohs, their lifestyle, their faiths, their leisure activities, the preparation of their passage to the afterlife and you will also visit the oldest inhabitant of the Louvre: The Mummy.



Private guided Tour Louvre Museum Paris

 Useful Information

Duration of each visit: 1.5 – 2 hours – Every day except Tuesdays

 Price: 50 € / person (this visit is limited to 4 people).

The price does not include:

Entrance fee to the Louvre Museum: 15 € – free for children and young people under 18 and 25  from the  E.U. – presentation of ID is necessary)

Ce tarif ne comprend pas :

Le prix d’entrée au Musée du Louvre (15 € – gratuit pour les enfants et jeunes de 18 à 25 ans de l’U.E. sur présentation d’une pièce d’identité)