Musée du Louvre, Paris


La Petite Galerie, Louvre: “Power Plays” from September 27 to July 02



For its third season, the Petite Galerie at the Louvre, focuses on the connection between art and political power through History.

This exhibition is divided into four sections

The first room is dedicated to the kings functions “Princely Roles” (king, priest, war chief, builder…)

The second room shows the visitor that art can be a propaganda vehicle “Legitimacy through Persuasion” and you discover the emblematic kings Henri IV and Louis XVI.

The theme of the third room is the “Antique Model” and you discover equestrian statues.

The last room the “Insignia of power” shows you majestic portraits of monarchs accompanied by the regalia used during their coronation. The last part is dedicated to the historical breaks and changes that came with the French Revolution.

“Delacroix (1798-1863)” from March 29 to July 23



The Louvre dedicated to the artistic career of Eugène Delacroix in partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of New York a wonderful exhibition celebrating this engaged artist.

The visitor can discover over 180 artworks including a large number of paintings, from his youngest life up to his final less known and mysterious religious compositions.