Musée Marmottan, Paris


  “Camille Pissarro. First of Impressionnists” from February 23 to July 2


Pissarro_muséührung_private_guided_tours_parismitkindernIt’s the first monographic exhibition in Paris for nearly forty years and some seventy-five masterpieces, paintings and temperas, many of which haven’t been shown in Paris for decades and eight paintings that have never been shown in France before!

Pissarro was with Monet, his companion and dear friend, a precursor and founder of the impressionist movement. He was also the master of Gauguin and Cézanne and he inspires Seurat and a lot of other artists. He helped train them and get them shown. Without him, impressionism would not be the artistic movement we know today.

Polyglot intellectual, committed and militant, listening to the younger generation, his work, powerful and evolving, offers a unique view of the research that has animated the Impressionists and Post-circles of the second half of the nineteenth century.

The exhibition is done in a seven-part presentation, organised around each period and subject:

– The early years, 1855-1865
– Pontoise, 1866-1868 and Louveciennes, 1869-1872
– Pontoise, 1872-1883
– Éragny-sur-Epte, 1884-1903
– Neo-impressionism, 1886-1890
– The ports of Normandy, 1883-1903
– Paris, 1893-1903

A great exhibition that you shouldn’t miss!